Monday, 5 November 2012

Letter to U.S Secretary Clinton. Pettition by Free Rohingya Campaign

The Honorable 
Hillary Rodham Clinton 
Secretary of State, 
U.S. Department of State 
2201 C Street NW 
Washington, DC 20520 

Dear Madam Secretary,                                                                Date: 11/1/2012 

We undersigned more than 2000 people writing to you in regard to recent violence in Arakan State Burma. It is not communal violence rather systematic aggression to words one of the most persecuted people on earth unilaterally by extremists. As a result, Hundreds of Rohingya have reportedly killed and more than hundred thousand displaced. What is happening now amounts to areas being ethnically cleansed of Rohingya people who are native people of the land. 

It is completely impossible for Burmese intelligence not knowing preplanned, well organized attack to one Muslim village by more than 20 Rakhine villages. Some attackers used various kinds of home made weapon with the help of some Political partly leaders and Military personnel. 

The government of Burma is clearly unwilling to stop violence and take any actions against those mastermind ethnic cleansing. It is well evident that government of Burma is not sincere to achieve peace while formulating long term plan to put all Rohingya in refugee camps or expel to third countries. UN peace keeping force with international observers are only credible forces to save thousand more innocent Rohingya Muslim lives and the lives of many other Muslim throughout Burma. International observers would be able to collect accurate information on the ground documented activities of criminals which will help prevent further violence. 

United State government failed to take the lead in mobilizing a robust international response when violence began. A robust initial response was needed in order to persuade the government of Burma to enforce existing law to prosecute the criminals who mastermind or involved ethnic cleansing. Instead, United State government adopted soft diplomatic approach which has never worked with Burma. It was unfortunate that Rakhine extremist and its political leaders, Burmese Buddhist civil and religious leaders misunderstood that USA will tolerate ethnic cleansing and Genocide in Burma with Trade interest priority now. 

We knew that USA will never tolerate any form of ethnic cleansing and genocide as USA was founded with the principle of Human right before trade interest. We believe in your leadership in President Obama administration as President always promise to American Public that USA trade or political interest will always be inline with protecting religious and ethnic minority in Burma. Now, United State must initiate sending UN peace keeping force in order to protect most persecuted and most vulnerable Rohingya minority from ethnic cleansing and genocide. 

Yours sincerely, 

Nay San Oo 
Co- Founder 
Free Rohingya Campaign (FRC)
150-25,72nd Road , Apt 5C, Flushing , NY 11367
United States of America.
Tel: +1-646-821-1475


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